Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica dell'antica Abellinum

Where Via Manfredi, Atripalda (Avellino)

The remains of the ancient Roman colony of Abellinum are implanted on a previous settlement of the IV-III century BC. At the entrance of Civita is still visible a part of the city wall from the Roman period, built in opus reticulatum, three rows of Samnite fortification of the third century BC, opus quadratum with large blocks of yellow tuff. Inside the walls, there is the public area, with the baths and the hole, from which circular marble altar, currently on display at Irpino Museum in Avellino. In the north-east is visible a Hellenistic-Pompeian domus, rich not only in size, but also for the particular refinement of the decorations and furnishings. Since the earthquake in 346 AD, there has been a gradual abandonment until the Lombard conquest. Ancient Abellinum known some areas of the cemeteries located along major roads: the most significant are the Capo la Torre, where they were excavated graves dating from the Roman Empire to the late antiquity.

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