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Ex Carcere Borbonico

Where via Dalmazia, 22, Avellino

The Monumental Complex Bourbon Prison is a picturesque place that alone is worth a visit. The boundary wall hides one of the first examples of the prison with an Enlightenment inspiration. Construction began in 1827. The complex, on hexagonal has five arms distributed radially, intended to imprisonment; from the main building, home to the offices of the Director; the tholos, the central circular used as a chapel and as a point of connection between all the halls; from the courtyard. The structure remained operational until 1987, despite the structural damage caused by the earthquake; escaped the danger of killing was the subject of a global recovery, in full compliance with the criteria laid down by the cards of the restoration. From the perspective of equity, the Provincial Administration of Avellino is the owner of the three pavilions to the north (former arms for holding male) and spaces annexes; while the other two pavilions, the former building of the command, the tholos and grounds are owned by the State Property which assigned them to the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism. Currently the pavilion, used in the past as the infirmary, is home of the Superintendent BAP and BSAE of Salerno and Avellino; the former building of the command is the seat of the Archaeological Survey and the pavilion for the detention of women is home to the offices of the State of Avellino. The Superintendency has managed the tholos, the exhibition halls and areas giardinate with the use of places of culture, aware of the potential of the monument, it has opened the doors to the city at major events promoted by public entities and individuals.

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