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Museo Zoologico degli Invertebrati “Lauretana Carbone”

Where Via Petronelli, 8, Avellino

The Zoological Museum of Invertebrates "Luretana Carbone", was opened to the public in July 2002 by ''European Association of Scientific and Naturalistic Museums". Currently the itinerary is divided into three sections, which present the main classes of zoological invertebrates. The first section offers to the public the Porifera (or sponges) and Coelenterates, Arthropods, the Tentaculates, the Annelids, Echinoderms, the Aschelminti, the Rhizopoda, the Sipunculidi and Tunicates, while the third presents the Mollusks. The Museum also houses an international collections of comparative clams and the collection of Tentaculates, the only one present in Campania. The collection Malacologica exposes the greatest number of species, including some endangered species and other already extinct. Among the extinct species there are some tree-dwelling snails like Tropidophora of Madagascar, the island of Mauritius such gibbus, Madeira Island such Geomitra, Kauali Island (Hawaii) of the genus Camellia, Island Raiatea (French Polynesia) of the genus Partula. In addition to the freshwater, gastropod planorbide Carinato North America (Neoplanorbis carinatus) coming from Alabama (USA) and the Igromiide Picard (trochoidea picardi) from Tel Aviv (Israel). Rich in species is the collection of Porifera from all oceans, the most significant in italy. Detail is the collection of Merostomi alive today, the family of horseshoe crabs with all species. Attractive is the Lepidotteroteca with butterflies from all continents. Notable is the collection of Echinoderms both Mediterranean and tropical, the most complete of Italy. Many animals exposed are endangered.

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