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Aiello del Sabato

Where Aiello del Sabato (Avellino)

Place in a hilly area, rich in vegetation and water sources, just south-east of Avellino, Aiello del Sabato has a historic center of ancient origins. Some archaeological excavations suggest that the foundation of the city has Roman origins: the houses in the surrounding hills, in fact, rise on the previous Roman villas or private homes where the inhabitants took refuge at the time of Longobard invasion. The first written documents date back to 1045. Among the most interesting monuments, Ricciardelli Palace. Since 2008, in the first week of August, old town becomes the scene of particular "reality show" of Medieval setting called “Favolarte”. Since 2003, every first weekend in September is Fiano Music Festival, an event that combines wine and food tasting of typical Irpinia wines (Fiano from Avellino DOCG) produced by the best wineries in the area, swing-jazz concerts and various art exhibitions.

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