Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Ricciardelli

Where Via Palazzo Parisi, 11, Aiello del Sabato (Avellino)

The Palace began as a property of the Benedictine monks of Montevergine, and is one body with the St. Sebastian's Church, connected by an interior cloister, under which there is a passage used by the nuns to enter directly in the church without being seen in public (walled during the Second World War). The property was purchased by the Ricciardelli family, whose coat of arms can be seen on the big front door, which subsequently sold the entire estate to the De Ciuceis family, who still holds. Despite the extensive damage inflicted by earthquakes over the centuries (in particular from that of 1980), the structure of the fifteenth and sixteenth century is still intact and habitable. Admirable the inner courtyard, with the original marble staircase, the niches, the garden (former cloister) and carved stone portals wisely.

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