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Where via Francesco De Sanctis, 16, Avella (Avellino)

The Antiquarium was inaugurated in 1996 and consists of four exhibition halls, organized chronologically and thematically. In the first room are the most significant finds from sites pre and proto Valley Clanis. The educational panels illustrate the geomorphology of the area and the distribution of archaeological sites in the settlement of the ancient Abella. The second room is dedicated to the necropolis: a selection of funerary objects unearthed from the St. Nazzaro and St. Paolino; over the discovery in ​​the old town (via Mulini) of an Osca epigraph (second century BC). The third room is divided into two sections: the first has exposed a archaic burial with local and imported pottery; in the second sector they are exposed instead the materials from two sacred suburban areas, identified in Seminario and Campochiaro.


Monday-Saturday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm; 2:00/5:30 pm

Antiquarium di Avella c
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