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Museo Civico di Airola

Where Via dei fiori snc, Airola (Benevento)

In old town, in a modern multi-purpose building, it is the Civic Museum, which houses an archaeological and an art history sections with important paintings on wood of the sixteenth century, by Teodoro D'Errico. One room is dedicated to the Francesco De Mura' s works (1696/1782), among which is "Our Lady of Sorrows and the Deposition of Christ", recently restored, and the fresco "Assumption of the Virgin". The archaeological section, located in the courtyard and in the Montevergine Palace's cloister, exhibits numerous lapidary findings, some evidences of the Roman era, capitals and fragments of columns. Recently, it was set up a small section of furnishings and vestments. In the same building there is also a library that has an interesting archival institutions within the local areas. The documents are to be kept from 1473 to 1904 and can be consulted prior approval of the Superintendent of Archives. Of particular importance is a fifteenth century scroll from the Casa Santa Annunziata Airola.


Free visit.

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