Luogo - Archaeological Area

Acquedotto Carolino o Vanvitelliano (Sito UNESCO)

Where SS265, Valle di Maddaloni (Caserta)

Carolino Aqueduct (or Vanvitelli) is the aqueduct born to feed the complex of San Leucio and Royal Palace of Caserta, taking the water at the foot of Mount Taburno and transporting it along a path that winds for a length of 38 kilometers. The work has required 16 years of work and the support of the most esteemed scholars and mathematicians of the Kingdom of Naples, first of all Luigi Vanvitelli, so much to be recognized as one of the major architectural and engineering works of the eighteenth century and UNESCO Heritage. The stretch that serves Royal Palace of Caserta starts from the artificial cave that closes the great Park of Royal Palace of Caserta and goes up to Belvedere building, the famous spinning-mill set up by Ferdinando IV for the production and weaving of silk.

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