Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Michele Arcangelo (Duomo di Casertavecchia)

Where Via Annunziata, Caserta

Foundation took place perhaps on the remains of previous Lombard church. The building was however later constructive during the thirteenth century, with characters closer to Gothic style. In sixteenth century it was leaning to left side one square chapel covered by a dome. At the end of seventeenth century they were made and turned original Romanesque appearance into that of Baroque Church: it was added a wooden ceiling decorated with ornamental frame and painted; the walls were decorated with stucco and side walls were huddled various altars. After long decline began in fifteenth century, radical restoration in 1926 brought Church to its original Romanesque appearance. The facade is a salient and reflects three naves, characterized by three portals in white marble from Luni adorned with plant motifs and zoomorphic sculptures. Eardrum is characterized by a series of intertwined blind arches. The interior has commissa cross plant where the nave, covered by trusses, bordered by 18 marble columns topped by round arches. The capitals are all different from each other. The dome, hidden by octagonal lantern, presents Sicilian influences. To the right of the front is a large bell tower finished in 1234, with Gothic influences. In the fourteenth century chapel they remained intact frescoes and a polychrome sculpture of Mary Queen.

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