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Museo dell'Opera e del Territorio - Reggia di Caserta

Where Viale Dohuet, 2/a, Caserta

The Museum of the Opera and the Territory is housed in the basement of the palace, retrieved and used in full compliance with the original architecture. 

A collection of objects that document and illustrate the work of Vanvitelli, Caserta history of the area, including archaeological finds from the excavations of 1990 and the life of the Bourbon court in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In addition, several other works of art preserved for decades in the deposits of the Superintendent bells, and only now returned to the public. 

Very interesting architectural models performed dall'ebanista Antonio Rosz and commissioned by Vanvitelli. The models, which reproduce faithfully the Royal Palace, were subjected to by the opinion of Charles III.

Reggia di Caserta c
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