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Where Nusco (Avellino)

Nusco, province of Avellino, is part of the club of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". The center of Nusco is located on a mountain, between Montella and Lioni, along the Apennine, between the Bosphorus and Hot Springs valleys (Volturno tributary). Also known as "Irpinia Balcony" because you can admire a magnificent view from the shutters of its castle or the avenues that surround the countryside. Its horizon ranges from the Vulture mountain to the summit of Nusco Montagnone, Terminio, Parthenon, Taburno and Dauni. In the Cathedral are preserved sacred bones of the patron saint, Sant'Amato, and his official will, the "Chartula Iudicati" of September 1093, written in Beneventan longobard characters. During the Middle Ages the Nusco Castle was a safe fortress and had a leading historical role among the communities of Upper Irpinia until the middle of the seventeenth century. The town's history is closely linked to ecclesiastical one, linking to Diocesan Seminary and an Old Library open to the public. Of great historical interest is also the Archives of the Bishop's Curia. There are only a few walls between the ancient Longobard Castle, with the imposing ruins of the tower and the sides exposed to the north.

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