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Ariano Irpino

Where Ariano Irpino (Avellino)

Ariano Irpino stands on three hills, Calvario, Castello and San Bartolomeo, which form a hill-shaped hill-top that touches the 817 meter high on top of the Norman Castle. Because of this orographic shape Ariano is also known as "Tricolle City". From the most scenic spots of the center, in particular from the Castle and the Villa Comunale, you can admire a breathtaking panorama. The origins of Ariano are ancient. Around the year 1000 the Castle is erected. In historic center there are several churches, first of all Romanesque Cathedral. In the territory you can still admire some historic fountains that combine the art, history and wit of rural society: Fountain of Camporeale, Pile of Carpino, Fontana della Maddalena and Carpino della Tetta. In the northeastern area of ​​the area, along the Valle del Cervaro, there are some Medieval fortifications: Torre delle Ciabile, Torre Li Pizzi and Camporeale Tower. Traditional and folkloric elements still alive share an evocative peasant background with religious background. The most important events are two and symbolize the beginning and end of the agrarian vintage: the "faóne (great bonfire) of St. Joseph" (March 19th) and the "Thanksgiving Day", which takes place on Sunday late autumn, at the end of the last crop of olives.

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