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Museo Diocesano di Bovino

Where Castello, Bovino (Foggia)
The museum was founded in 1999 on the initiative of Mons. Giuseppe Casale, a bishop from the Archdiocese of Foggia-Bovino. The museum is housed in the castle that was built by the Normans on the ruins of a Roman fortress and later expanded by the Suebics. In 1600 it was transformed into a aristocratic palace by Guevara dukes. The massive Norman constructed cylindrical tower is still visible and is situated at the edge of the ancient formwork, putted on a spur of a truncated pyramid. Majestic in the simplification of its entirety and for its massive building, from the top of a rock it overlooks the most beautiful part of the ancient city centre. It has a beautiful inner court, in which stands the clock tower, square-shaped with an octagonal belfry. On the right there is the Ducal Palace, in whose chapel also keeps a precious silver reliquary casket which contains a fragment of a Thorn from the Crown of Jesus. Angled towards to the external facade of the palace is the beautiful hanging garden which has a significant variety of plants and shrubs as well as interesting architectural structures (crenulated walls, large stretches of the Roman opus etc..). Designed in a typical Italian garden style and adorned with some female statues, busts and fountains.
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