Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco e Museo Archeologico dei Dauni

Where Vico Montebello, Ascoli Satriano (Foggia)

The Archaeological Park of Daunia is named to Pasquale Rosario, pioneer of archeology. The archaeological area, which extends for several hectares, was established to protect and preserve that which over the years had surfaced during the excavations. In the Park are visible the remains of a Daunian village, with houses and cemeteries. The Museum is located inside D'Autilia Palace, it contains archaeological finds from the Iron Age until the Middle Ages come (Daunia jugs with geometrical decorations, Greek pottery from V-III century BC, necklaces and brooches in bronze). Of note, the Numismatic Section "Pasquale Rosario", which allows to know the history of the ancient coin and of the local brand of pre-Roman times.


Tuesday-Sunday from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

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