Luogo - Museum

Museo Etnografico Beniamino Tartaglia

Where Via Carbonara, 3, Aquilonia (Avellino)

The Museum, designed and created by Prof. Beniamino Tartaglia, with the cooperation of the entire community, rebuilding with historical rigor workplace, living environments and scenarios of real life of the ancient Altirpino world. A vanished world, reborn in approximately 14.000 original objects recovered with a patient research: tools, kits, furniture, artifacts and documents of all kinds, ranked by collections and used with philological rigor. The Ethnographic Museum, effective teaching tool, is like a great book written with the silent language and suggestive material culture, which immediately fascinates and involves the visitor. The exhibition routes, spread across about 1.500 square meters, in addition to an equipped outdoor, wind through rooms, spaces and stands, in more than 130 areas, grouped into 12 thematic sections.

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