Luogo - Museum

Museo Civico Carlo Gaetano Nicastro

Where Piazza Marino Boffa, Bovino (Foggia)
The Civic Museum in Bovino is named after the surgeon Carlo Gaetano Nicastro, local historian and Honorary Inspector for Antiquities and Works of Art, who restored and preserved many archaeological finds from Bovino. The donation of his private collection, coming from excavations conducted in the region, was the first step to the founding of the museum which was opened in 1925 at the Pisani Palazzo. The building, with the main entrance on the Marino Boffa square, has a quadrilateral and from the outside, homogeneous form. Following a renovation and restoration, it emerged that the current shape is the result of the aggregation of several units together in order to meet the needs of a barracks for the Carabinieri. In any case, the oldest part consists of the ground floors whose entrances are located on Via Annunziata, Via San Francesco and Piazza Marino Boffa. The interior rooms have vaulted ceilings of exquisite workmanship and a lunette hall in the main hall. In 1987 the palace was recognized as work to be protected under the law. 1089 of ’39.
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