Luogo - Museum

Museo Diocesano

Where Via Annunziata snc, Ariano Irpino (Avellino)

The Museum of the Diocese of Ariano Irpino-Lacedonia was created to preserve and enhance the historic, artistic and ecclesiastical heritage of the territory. It collects art paintings and sculptures removed from their original sites, destroyed following the earthquakes of 1962 and 1980: paintings on canvas, sculptures, inscriptions, frontals, tabernacles and several vestments attributable to the seventeenth and twentieth centuries. The visit, in the Annunciation's Church, is distributed on two levels, according to a linear route: in the large hall of the Church, are exhibited the vestments of the bishops of Ariano; down the hall, symbols, slogans and emblems; on the first floor, other vestments; into the hall and down the stairs, inscriptions, sculptures, altar panels and tabernacles; finally, on the top floor, canvas paintings and sacred images printed.

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