Luogo - Museum

Museo Archeologico Provinciale dell’Alta Valle del Sele

Where Castello di - Via Chiesa snc, Oliveto Citra (Salerno)

The Museum, opened in 2004, is situated in the Baronial Castle of the town of Oliveto Citra. It has a core group of findings arising from the documentation of the excavation campaigns of 1928-29, which brought to light 65 graves, to cover a period of time ranging from the eighth to the third century BC, expression of the culture of "Oliveto-Cairano", a unique part of the typological graves' for female ornaments. The grave goods show a remarkable richness and absolutely characteristic elements, allocated according to the reconstruction of a ornamental costume. The tomb of the fourth century BC are similar to those of other towns of Sannitic Campania. For the third century BC, necropolis returned black painted vases, red figures and pottery with geometric decoration. Interesting are the belts of bronze, peculiar element of the Sannitic costume.

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