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Capaccio Paestum

Where Paestum (Salerno)

Capaccio is enclosed in a small plateau dominated from the east by Monte Soprano. Archaeological area of Paestum is located in the territory, Roman city built on Greek colony of Poseidonia. Archaeological area of Paestum is one of the main archaeological parks in the world, with a museum, and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site: inside you can admire three Greek temples among the best preserved in the world and an amphitheater that it is only visible in half. In historic center you can visit Cathedral of Madonna del Granato, built in the first century and restored in 1708; ancient Paleochristian Basilica (now Church of Annunciation); Church of S. Pietro Apostolo (XVI century); Sanctuary of Gethsemane and Franciscan Convent, built in 1743. Fountain of the Three Dolphins is one of symbolic monuments of historical center, as well as Clock Palace.

Paestum - Cilento (Sito UNESCO) c
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