Luogo - Museum

Collezione Ceramiche Alfonso Tafuri

Where Larghetto Cassavecchia, 11, Salerno

In the historic center of Salerno, in the characteristic small square Cassavecchia, not far from the Cathedral, there is the private collection of ceramics founded by Alfonso Tafuri in 1987. After a careful and passionate work of recovery and restoration of some of the eighteenth-century undergrounds of Mancuso Palace - used in time for various purposes, the last one deposit of coal and joinery - the Museum presents a number of rooms covered by vaults and paved with large slabs of stone from Vesuvius and cooked Ogliara. Within the premises there is a rich collection of terracotta tiles hand-painted (riggiole) of the Neapolitan eighteenth and nineteenth century, a Vietri pottery and tools homemade of nineteenth century, some remains dating back to the thirteenth century; are also shown mugs, jars, dishes and other objects from the production of Giffoni Valle Piana and Cerreto Sannita. In addition, it can see devotional signs and panels from German nineteenth century and artifacts of the period (1920-47) of Vietri ceramics, produced by artists such as Richard Doelker, Irene Kowaliska, Guido Gambone, John Carraro. The Collection Alfonso Tafuri is an interesting example of private effort aimed at the conservation and enhancement of the history of the regional ceramic, in particular, the relationship between Vietri and Salerno, with theirs habits and tastes, and theirs religiosity of its inhabitants.

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