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Museo Virtuale della Scuola Medica Salernitana

Where via dei Mercanti, 74, Salerno

The Museum is located in the historic center of Salerno, Via Mercanti 74. It's a museum without barriers, destined to the public of disabled people, as part of the project prepared by the "Cassio Project" of the MIBAC (Ministry of Culture). The Virtual Museum was created by the transformation and expansion of the Educational Museum of the School of Medicine, created in 1993 by the Superintendent. In the virtual museum brought to life, in an engaging and interactive narrative, themes and protagonists of that glorious page in the years immediately following the year one thousand, Salerno saw at the center of the scientific renaissance of the West. Important hub of cultural and commercial traffic, Salerno, Lombard capital rooted in classical culture, reached in drawing scientific expressions of freedom and cultural openness of international scope. Here, through the study of authoritative sources of classical medicine and Arabic and through the medical activity practiced and taught by monks and lay people, is called the scientific knowledge that was placed at the center of the philosophy of the man with his health, its rules and its harmony with nature. The virtual theater, through a script specifically designed, emphasizes the centrality, while symbolically represents the meeting of two distant worlds. A careful search of precious medieval manuscripts, preserved in the most important Italian and European libraries, has provided the rich iconographic narrative that unfolds, flat and usable, between spectacularisation and animated thumbnails. The small museum in the years became a reference point for scholars, tourists and the public school to which was offered extensive documentation and information through films, light panels, photographic reproductions and replicas of ancient surgical instruments. Technological innovation has made in a short time inadequate equipment used and it was therefore necessary to design this new production, which uses the most advanced technologies and is able to communicate in a widespread and with a general informed public.

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