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Ponte Leproso

Where Via San Clementina, 50, Benevento

Leproso Bridge has Roman origins, with a typical "humpback" structure, and it is on the Sabato river. The original name was Marmoreo Bridge, while the current one would derive from proximity to an ancient medieval leper hospital, testified for the first time in 1071. It was built by Appio Claudio Cieco in the third century BC, at the opening of the Via Appia, on the ruins of a former bridge of Sunni, and restored by Septimius Severus in 202. Destroyed by the Goths in the sixth century and later rebuilt, it was remodeled several times over the centuries: after the earthquake of 1702, Giovanni Battista Nauclerio has reduced its arches; today, from the original structure remains only a pylon in square work, with visible surfaces hewn "rustic ashlar".

Ponte Leproso c
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