Luogo - Religious building

Basilica della Madonna delle Grazie

Where Viale San Lorenzo, 35, Benevento

The Basilica of Our Lady of Grace, the Patron Saint of the town and  whole Sannio, is a monumental nineteenth century church, with an adjacent Franciscan monastery, rebuilt after the Second World War. The construction of the building was sponsored by the City in 1837, during a cholera epidemic, designed by Vincenzo Coppola. Two years after, the first stone was laid by Bishop Gioacchino Pecci, the future Pope Leo XIII. The Church has been elevated to the rank of minor basilica in 1957. The interior, of Neoclassical inspiration, presents a Greek cross plant. The facade is preceded by a hexastyle portico, lintel and surmounted by statues of the Patron Saints of the city. Inside, on the main altar is placed a wooden statue of the Madonna and Child, attributed to Giovanni da Nola Meriliano (1476-1533). Noteworthy are also the bronze reliefs of the Cross and the font by the sculptor Andrea Martini.

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