Giornate Murattiane

Pizzo, (Vibo Valentia) 22/05/19
From tuesday 13 oct 20 to Wednesday 14 oct 20

The Murat Days is the cultural event dedicated to the landing, arrest, conviction and shooting of King Joachim Murat. The historical re-enactment traces the events relating to the last days of Gioacchino Murat's life, shot in Pizzo on 13 October 1815. Murat, king of the Kingdom of Naples since 1808, in 1815 attempted to reconquer the throne which the Bourbons had regained by organizing a naval expedition to Salerno. A storm however did not allow the landing in Campania, and the expedition ruined the Calabrian coasts near Pizzo where, after fruitless attempts at dialogue, he was arrested, tried and shot. These events are represented by two historical groups in period costumes and several figures and the beach, the streets of the village and the splendid Castle become a re-enactment set.

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