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Perito Moreno among the glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park

Written by Redazione , 11/11/19

There is something that makes the experience of walking among the ice of Perito Moreno particularly extraordinary. We are in the heart of the Los Glaciares National Park located in Argentine Patagonia where the Perito Moreno grows and moves continuously. 

It is in fact the only glacier in the world that is in constant movement which is not caused by global warming. For this reason,  it remains under the lens of scientists and researchers but is also under observation by many enthusiasts and onlookers. It hosts as many as 100 thousand visitors a year. 

What makes the Perito Moreno glacier extraordinary is that it does not melt but grows despite the spectacular collapses of imposing walls of ice: a natural phenomenon that repeats periodically. 
Let's find out more about this fascinating, imposing, and mysterious glacier. 

Perito Moreno 

Los Glaciares is situated in the UNESCO Park World Heritage. Perito Moreno is reputed by many to be the eighth wonder of the world. It is 250 square kilometers wide  and 74 meters high, situated on the waters of

Lago Argentino. 

This unique glacier is fed by the Campo de Hielo Sur which is the third freshwater reserve in the world. The imposing ice mountain advances every day almost two meters while maintaining its proportions, however, due to the continuous breaks. 

But why does Perito Moreno move? A water cushion is created between the underlying rock and the glacier that generates continuous movement. With its movement, the front of the Glacier reaches the other side of Lake Argentino (the Peninsula of Magallanes) in some periods, forming a natural dam that divides the two halves of the lake. 

The first to describe the contrast of the imposing wonder of nature was the explorer Francisco Moreno in 1877, it  was therefor named after him.

Taking a Trip to Patagonia: excursion to Perito Moreno 

Walking on ice while exploring the majesty of this strip of land made of ice water is one of those incredible experiences that will leave you breathless, especially if you decide to explore the Perito Moreno in the afternoon. 

If you decide to spend the hottest hours of the morning in this location, there will be a higher chance to witness the ice breaking show. The walk on the glacier is among the most popular excursions in the park and is suitable for all ages. We recommend that you rely on an experienced tour guide. 

If you decide to explore Perito Moreno by foot the experience is among the experiences that shouldn’t be missed: from here you can explore the internal lagoons, the ice caves and the many streams that cross it. 

Inside the Los Glaciares National Park 

This Park lies right on the border with Chile where one of the coldest areas of Patagonia is situated: Los Glaciares National Park is located in the province of Santa Cruz. In the valley it is possible to admire Lake Argentino and Lake Viedna whose waters flow into the river Santa Cruz. 
The park is home to 47 glaciers. El Perito is the best known along with Fitz Roy and Upsala making it the third largest ice field in the world. 

Visiting Los Glaciares also means taking a trip to El Calafate which is the main gateway to the park. 
This town possesses a well-served tourist center, but in order to explore it in all of its essence, you must go to the suburbs where you will come across many colorful houses that serve as the backdrop of Argentino lake. 
It is truly a must-see location for lovers of the natural wonders of the world and for those who love sports. 

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