Il Palio del Principe

Bisignano, (Cosenza) 23/05/19
From monday 22 jun 20 to tuesday 30 jun 20

A historical re-enactment initially presented by a procession in Renaissance costume and as a final act with the Giostra Cavalleresca, in which the eight districts of the city will compete in Campo del Palio. The procession, which sees the participation of more than 400 participants accompanied by knights and flag-wavers, after crossing the streets of the town far and wide, will reach the main square of Bisignano, where the meeting between the Prince and the citizens will take place. The symbolic handover of the keys of the city to the Prince himself. Furthermore, before the start of the procession, the Te Deum will be intoned in the Church and an oration in praise of the Princes will be recited. All accompanied by various festivals organized by the neighborhoods of the city with typical Bisignan dishes.

The dates of the event could be different. Check the official website.

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