Insegui l'Arte - Festival della ri-conoscenza

Badolato, (Catanzaro) 22/05/19
until to thursday 27 august 2020

Follow Art was born as an artistic and cultural itinerary, with the aim of making the villages known to the many visitors and of stimulating in the inhabitants the desire to regain possession of their own places. Through the exhibitions we want to give space and visibility to the new talents of the contemporary art scene, Calabrian and national, becoming a reason for aggregation and socialization thanks to the active participation of all the young people involved and all the realities present in the area. Workshops are foreseen, in the art of ceramics, ethnomusicology and the figurative arts, flanked by numerous conferences, debates that will be useful as a moment of reflection on topics such as the reception and integration of migrants. In addition, there will be literary meetings with the authors who will present the books chosen for this edition and appointments with music, theater, dance and food and wine.

The dates of the event could be different. Check the official website.

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