Luogo - Museum

Museo del fiore

Where Predio Giardino, frazione Torre Alfina, Acquapendente (Viterbo)
Located in an ancient country house, 2 km from the picturesque hamlet of Torre Alfina and part of the Monte Rufeno Natural Reserve, the Museo del Fiore (Flower Museum) is dedicated to the territory’s biodiversity, and specifically, to the “world of flowers”. Through multimedia exhibits, laboratories and a well-equipped game room, it explores in an entertaining and interactive way the evolutionary and ecological aspects of plants, their relations with animals and their links with local culture and traditions – specifically those of the “Pugnaloni”, mosaics of flower petals that are created in spring. The tour continues outside along the “Natura del Fiore” (Flower Nature) path, dedicated to the discovery of the complex relations in the natural life of the Reserve, but also to the relation between man and nature, thanks to the visit to an old water mill and an educational beehive. The Monte Rufeno Natural Reserve lies on the border of the Lazio region with Umbria and Tuscany and boasts a wide floral variety, with over 1 000 species of plants recognised within its territory. It houses mixed forests with oaks and maples, along with patches of Mediterranean bush, riparian areas, meadows, clearings and old crops.
Museo del fiore c
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