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Where Latera (Viterbo)
Latera is a small town and comune in the Province of Viterbo, Italy. Situated near Bolsena Lake and Mezzano Lake, is important for volcanic underground activity near the town centre. It has a small rock with a medieval palace by Farnese family, surrounded by medieval stone houses. History Latera and its castle are known by documents from around the beginning of the 12th century. It began its long-lasting link with the Farnese family in 1408, when Pope Gregory XII conceded vicardom of the city to Ranuccio Farnese, creating with the namesake city of Farnese a Duchy independent from that of the nearby Castro. The Farnese reigned over Latera until 1650. Main sights The Palace of Ranuccio Farnese The Three Fountains Museum of Earth, inaugurated in 1999 See also Wars of Castro
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