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Museo Civita

Where piazza G. Matteotti, 1, San Lorenzo Nuovo (Viterbo)
The new location of the Civita Museum of Grotte di Castro is in the 16th century building designed by Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola, the most important building in the historic centre of the town. The museum deals with the Etruscan centre of Grotte di Castro, which was certainly one of the most important settlements in the territory located between Bolsena and the metropolis of Vulci in the period of time included between the Orientalising period and the Archaic era (late 8th century – first half of the 5th century B.C.). In the Civita Museum the relation between man and archaeology becomes important, also in relation to territory, landscape and nature. The visitor is guided back in time from the external of the building to the internal of the museum along an exhibition itinerary that becomes sensorial thanks to the images transmitted through videos, reconstructions of tombs, giant format pictures printed on the walls, bringing the visitor close to Etruscan civilisation and its presence in this territory in an involving and meditative way.
Museo Civita c
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