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Museo della terra

Where via dell’Osteria, Latera (Viterbo)
Latera tells its story through a precious exhibition of multimedia objects and documents. The Museo della Terra (Land Museum) complex is located in Saint Peter’s Grange and in the adjacent former town slaughterhouse. The heart of the exhibition is represented by the land, the material and symbolic element around which social relations and economic production were created in Latera. The itinerary is divided into three macro-sections. The first is centred on the Poscia collection and is introduced by video projections that narrate the development of the collection and the creation of the Museum. This sector develops around three conceptual nuclei: “inside” (house, workshop), “outside” (woods, plains) and “exchange” (markets, weights, measures). Through an audiovisual itinerary, the second nucleus documents the intangible cultural heritage of Latera and its historical memory. The Galleria delle Processioni (Gallery of the Processions), the Quattro Cantoni (Four Corners), and the Bauli della Memoria (Trunk of Memories) are part of this sector. The third section is made up of an external space that hosts typical examples of the area’s cultivations: from fruit trees to hedges that marked boundaries, to the botanical garden with aromatic plants and medicinal herbs. The Sentiero delle Tre Chiese (Path of the Three Churches) starts at the Museum and leads to now abandoned quarries, an interesting example of industrial archeology.
Museo della terra c
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