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Museo archeologico "Pietro e Turiddo Lotti"

Where Piazza Cavalieri Vittorio Veneto, Ischia di Castro (Viterbo)
The exhibition proposes important materials discovered in the most significant archaeological sites in the territory of Castro: the prehistoric grotto of Settecannelle, the Etruscan necropolises of Castro, the Roman villa and Longobard necropolis of Selvicciola, the hermitage of Poggio Conte, and the remains of the destroyed Renaissance city of Castro. Apart from the particular samples of Palaeolithic furnishing art, it is worth noting a remarkable prehistoric red deer antler and the wide exhibition of Etruscan burial sculpture in pink nenfro. There are all-round representations of remarkable animals from the “Tomba dei bronzi” in Castro (6th century B.C.), as well as vases made of clay mixture and “bucchero” from the Etruscan phase of Castro. Everyday objects discovered in a large tank document life in a Roman villa-farm. Weapons and jewels document the presence of the barbarian populations that settled in our territory. There are also valuable architectural elements and decorative sculptures from the mediaeval cathedral of San Savino Castro. Prominence is given to the six frescoes with portraits of the apostles from the hermitage of Poggio Conte, dating back to the 13th century and Sangallo architectural elements of the capital city of the duchy of Castro, including the Farnese coat of arms that dominated the façade of the mint of Piazza Maggiore.
Museo archeologico "Pietro e Turiddo Lotti" c
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