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Museo del brigantaggio

Where via Guglielmo Marconi, 20, Cellere (Viterbo)
The Museum aims to narrate events related to Maremma banditry in an anthropological perspective, offering the visitor the possibility to rebuild the interpretations and stories that have risen around this phenomenon from the mid-19th century to today. The objective is to acknowledge the history and culture of the Maremma territory (which has known harrowing phenomena of lawlessness and has been associated with characters who, in this territory’s transition to modernity, were labeled as bandits), emphasise its historical protagonists and their roots in local plots and the imagery of rebellion, as well as interpret the heroic deeds of Domenico Tiburzi, not as a reaction to modernity but as its expression. The ground floor represents the historical reasons and contemporary documentary sources of banditry in a scenario that symbolically re-proposes the woods (tradition) and the train (modernity disappointed). A forest can be entered listening to sounds, opening drawers and watching videos. The second floor registers the imagery that has maintained the character of Tiburzi alive up to today. A series of multimedia installations rebuild the stories whose protagonist is the bandit from Cellere. Lastly, the “bandit’s tavern”, a space dedicated to the image of the bandit in its contemporary forms: from legendary narration to trademark.
Museo del brigantaggio c
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