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Where Sorano (Grosseto)

Sorano is defined as "Matera of Tuscany" for its particular urbanistic feature of numerous rock buildings dug into the tufa, reminiscent of famous Sassi. Sorano was born as ancient Aldobrandeschi family's possession, but the territory was already inhabited since Etruscan period, as evidenced by remarkable findings of ancient settlements and necropolises. The territory is rich in churches, chapels and abbeys that preserve within themselves works of art, such as Collegiate Church of San Niccolò and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. In historic center of Sorano, perched on a tufa cliff and characterized by a maze of alleys, courtyards, portals, stairs and loggias, along homonymous street, you can find Jewish Ghetto, where the presence of Synagogue was also attested with Forno delle Azzime, to witness the bresence of an important Jewish community in the village. Among historic buildings, Palazzo dell'Archivio is undoubtedly an architectural symbol of the territory, located in the village of Sovana, as well as Bourbon del Monte Palace and Pretorio Palace. From Middle Ages, Civic Walls, with their monumental Gates, Orsini Fortress and Masso Leopoldino. In the village of Sovana the remains of Rocca Aldobradesca stand out, immersed in the scenery of "Città del Tufo" Archaeological Park.

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