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Where sovana, Sorano (Grosseto)

Sovana is a fraction of municipality of Sorano. It is known as important Etruscan center, Medieval and Renaissance village, as well as an episcopal seat. There are numerous sites of cultural interest to visit in the area: Concattedrale di San Pietro (X century) and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (XII century) of great architectural merit; in Piazza del Pretorio there are the main historical buildings of the village, Pretorio Palace, Palazzo dell'Archivio and Bourbon del Monte Palace. Instead, the remains of imposing Rocca Aldobranesca stand out against the backdrop of "Città del Tufo" Archaeological Park, which includes ancient Etruscan necropolis. At historical center is located Sovana Museum Pole, inside Church of San Mamiliano, with the exhibition of the so-called "Tesoretto di Sovana".

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