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Mostra permanente dei Pugnaloni

Where Via Roma, 5, Allerona (Terni)
The Mostra Permanente dei Pugnaloni is held in Allerona. This Exhibition collects all documentation related to the Pugnaloni Festival, features all the elements constituting the Pugnaloni, and displays pictures taken during the Historical Cart Parades. In fact, the Pugnaloni are Allegorical Carts, surmounted by small poplar or turkey oak trees, under which scenes of rural work and daily life are reproduced—exactly like in a crèche. It seems that their name comes from a farming tool named “pungolo”—a cattle prod—i.e. a wooden stick with an iron-tip on one side, used to poke the cattle, and a rasp on the other side, used to remove the sticking soil from the plough. The Cart Parade is held on the third Sunday of May, on the occasion of the Festival of St Isidore the Laborer—who is the Patron Saint of the farmer and of rural activities—always appears in every Pugnaloni allegoricalreconstruction.
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