Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Giovenale

Where Via Volsinia, 39, Orvieto (Terni)

St Juvenal's Church is one of the oldest of Orvieto and, according to tradition, is to be identified with the ancient Cathedral. It was built in 1004, on the ruins of an old Christian church, in turn built on the foundations of an Etruscan temple dedicated to Jupiter. Initially in the Romanesque style, was rebuilt in the fourteenth century according to the Gothic dictates: extended eastward, with a square apse. The Romanesque coverage is still visible on the facade; slso visible are the features decorations blind arches. The plant is a basilica structure on two levels connected by a short flight of steps, divided into three naves. The interior frescoes by Medieval Orvieto school dating from the twelfth century, which have been preserved despite several renovations. The altar is a marble sculpture in the Byzantine style. On the front wall is a carved relief of a shape Lombard network of nodes; some columns supporting the sides of the carved pillars of the subject varied.

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