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Villa Cahen

Where Località Selva di Meana, Allerona (Terni)
Villa Cahen Villa Cahen was built by the rich financier of Aversa, Edouard Cahen, who in the last quarter of the 19th century had acquired a vast estate between the two slopes of the Paglia River from the Bourbon del Monte. Cahen, conferred title of Marquis from Vittorio Emanuele II for outstanding merits earned during the war of Unification, had already had a deteriorated castle rebuilt to make it his home, in the nearby Torre Alfina. Today the Villa is included in the protected area of Allerona-Meana. A refined example of Art Nouveau, the edifice is in large part surrounded by an Italian Garden, rich with rare herbaceous species of plants and trees that arrived here thanks to the passion of the previous owner. Between the Italian Garden, the Greenhouse and the Orangery, there is also the recently restored Japanese Garden. The Villa has various floors: a basement, used as a deposit and service rooms for electrical and heating systems; a ground floor for the halls and the studio, as the spacious and exclusive reception hall and dining room; a third floor for the bedrooms and services reserved for the owners; and finally, the last floor with the rooms for the servants.
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