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Museo dei fossili di Bolca

Where VIA SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA, Vestenanova (Verona)

The museum exhibits a rich collection of fossils of a tropical marine environment, which were found near the fossil deposit known as the ”Pesciara di Bolca”, rightfully considered the most important in the world for the fish fossils of the Tertiary Era. Petrified plants, fish, insects, mollusks and crustaceans are shown to visitors in all of their extraordinary beauty, even with their original colouring. With generous captions, drawings and reconstructions, the phenomena that occurred in the area of Bolca some 50 million years ago are also illustrated. The museum itinerary can be completed with a visit to the “Pesciara” (on booking), a cave in a gallery situated not far from the museum, from where the rocky layers containing the fossils are extracted. 

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