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Where Valdagno (Vicenza)
Valdagno is a town and comune in the province of Vicenza, Italy. History Valdagno's town was founded in 861, the name deriving from the Latin amins, then amnius, meaning "river". It is first mentioned in an 1184 document when it was a fief given by the Vicenza bishop to the Trissino family. Two castles where erected on two opposite hills, one being named the Valdagno castle and the other the Panisacco Castle. However the Vicenza comune started very soon to contend it to the Trissino family, who in turn joined forces with Scaligers to defend it. In 1291, in the course of the war with Verona, Venice occupied Valdagno and kept it until 1340. In 1377 it was pillaged by Bernabò Visconti and in 1404 it went back to the Venetians. From 1434 to 1439 it was occupied by the Visconti family and then re-annexed to Venice by Gian Giorgio Trissino. Between 1510 and 1514 it suffered repeated destructions by the armies of Maximilian I, during the War of the League of Cambrai. Starting from 1797, with the fall of the Republic of Venice, Valdagno fell under the French and Austrian rule. It was annexed to the newly created Kingdom of Italy in 1866. Valdagno is the birthplace of Gaetano Marzotto, a pioneer of the textile industry and founder of the Marzotto, which allowed Valdagno to become an industrial centre. Sport The town has a football team, A.C.D. Trissino-Valdagno and is home to the rink hockey team Isello Hockey Valdagno. Twin cities Prien am Chiemsee, Germany, since 1987 External links Valdagno History Hockey Valdagno
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