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Laboratorio per l'arte contemporanea Città di Malo, Museo Casabianca

Where LARGO MORANDI, 1, Malo (Vicenza)

The Casabianca Museum is a permanent exhibition of graphic works of contemporary artists from 1960s to 1990s. The graphics on show guide the visitor over most significant artistic movements and the most curios trends in contemporary visual arts, from Non-figurative art to Transavantgarde, passing through Pop Art, Kinetic Art, Nouveau Réalisme, Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, Body-Art, New Painting, the Anachronism movement and American graffiti, Italian Transavantgarde, the New German Expressionism and some experiences tied to photography and video.
More than 1,200 works belonging to 700 different artists are on show and the works are hung on walls or positioned on table shaped containers or bookstands. The purpose is to make the simultaneous view of various works easier and more fluent and to make the museum look like the pages of an open book.
The Museum opened in 1978, when GioBatta Meneguzzo decided to open his art collection to the public and the Morandi Bonacossi family offered the house for this purpose. Casabianca collection, in fact, is a private one, as the majority of collections exhibited in the museums are: but it’s the art lover’s enthusiasm and passion that made it all possible. 

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