Luogo - Architecture

Mura di Vicenza

Where Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 127, Vicenza

The main military architecture of the city date back to the period of Scala domination (late fourteenth century) and, although much of the fortifications have been incorporated into new structures, Viale Mazzini still retains Medieval walls. In addition to Walls they are preserved several gateways to old town: Porta Santa Croce, one of the most important remains are still intact, is the last of Scaliger period (1385); Porta Nova was built in 1381 by Antonio della Scala to defend Rocchetta complex, where there were weapons and ammunition; Castle Gate is the main entrance to the city for those coming from the west, passing through Castle from which it takes its name; Porton del Luzo, home-origin tower of Lucii family dating from the eleventh century, belongs to the same period of the first Medieval walls; Porta Saint Lucia, built in 1369, leads to the borough; finally Porta San Bortolo, built in Venetian period (1455) as a barrier to the duty.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di Claudio Gioseffi - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, c
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