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Museo Tibaldo Giancarlo

Where VIALE STAZIONE, 44, Brogliano (Vicenza)

In Giancarlo Tibaldo's Museum there is confortable room for the first sets of the evolution of the sound from 1880, with instruments as "clavicordo", as melodic pianos, as barrel - organs made with rolls, or mechanicals, manuals, and with spring engines.
There are also: Edison's phonographs with rolls, wax and bachelite, fascinating gramophones for trumpet and case used in the rooms and in the houses and metallic thread and magnetic tape recorders.
In Giancarlo Tibaldo's Museum there is also the "Radio History" that, through a voyage furnished with thousand pieces from all over the world (most of them are unique) proves the Evolution of this instrument also through shapes and valuable materials as "hand worked woods” and "bachelite" and very important licences as the one of Tesla and Marconi.
The beginning of pre-cinema and cinema, from the 18th century with the first magical lamps gas lit up to show painting images with art to special slides to go on then with living images, to the proiectors of Pathè Firm and at last to the Cinema Cameras during the 1960s.
The History of the Photography is illustrated through its many discoverers which changed their work in the past from the glass image to the film.
Thank to Giancarlo Tibaldo is possible to appreciate a very precious human heritage from people all over the world; this heritage acquires a different value because instead of remaining hidden in a private room it is put on disposal to people interested to know, to see and to understand the evolution of the communication over 200 years of History.
- The History of Musical instruments.
- The History of Phonography.
- The History of Photography.
- The History of Pre- Cinema and Cinema.
- The History of Radio.
- The History of Ducati.
- The History of Bachelite.
- The History of Telephone.
- The History of Television.
- The History of Rumi.
- The History of Microscope.
- The History of Electricity applied to the Medicine.

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