Luogo - Museum

Museo dell'arte serica e laterizia

Where VIA CARDINAL DE LAI, 2, Malo (Vicenza)

The museum is composed by two sections illustrating the silk and the brickwork. In the first section the visitor discovers how silk is produced and worked through a collection of tools, machineries and objects; he also realizes the hard working conditions of women employed in silk factories.
The brickwork section shows the geologic origin of clay and how it is processed. Within the most interesting working tools the visitor can find a treadle wheel and some wooden moulds. A scaled reproduction of a Hoffmann furnace of the beginning of the 20th century enriches the collection. These two activities have characterized the economy of Malo and its area for centuries.
Demonstrations of silk reeling, from cocoon to hank, are performed on request; in the right period of the year you can observe the life of real silkworms.

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