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Centro di cultura Cimbra Museo dei Cimbri

Where VIA DEI BOSCHI, 62, Selva di Progno (Verona)

This small ethnographical museum documents the culture and customs of the Cimbrian populations of Lessinia, the descendants of the German woodsmen who settled on the plateau at the end of the 13th century, through exhibits of traditional tools and instruments, objects of art and popular artisan crafts. Panels with photographs and captions illustrate the daily lives of these people, who lived for centuries in such conditions of isolation as to consent the survival of the Cimbrian language, which is evidently related to German and which is still spoken today by the elderly residents of Giazza. The Cimbrian Cultural Centre is located in the museum. The purpose of this association is to safeguard the language and culture of this linguistic minority, which is at risk of disappearing and being swallowed up by the phenomenon of globalization.  

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