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Museo geopaleontologico di Camposilvano

Where CONTRADA COVOLO, Velo Veronese (Verona)

The museum has an exhaustive collection of fossil organisms and rocks from Lessinia, which are ascribed to a period of time ranging from 225 to 1,800 million years ago. The numerous findings are exhibited in showcases and accompanied by captions and descriptions, which illustrate the environment of this region in the various geological ages. Findings from other regions complete the exhibit itinerary, along with the fossil remains of the Cave Bear, a gigantic animal that inhabited these mountains, which became extinct approximately 12,000 years ago.

The visit to the museum may be completed by an excursion to Covolo di Camposilvano, where there is a grandiose karstic cavity situated about 100 m away, which can be reached easily from a path. The grotto is a suggestive example of karstic activity and has an ellipsoidal chasm that is more than 70 m deep, which is frequently the site of curious meteorological phenomena due to thermal inversion. 

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