Luogo - Castle

Castello Scaligero

Where Via Castello, Soave (Verona)

Scaligero Castle of Soave is a fortification that marked the history of the city. Fallen in a state of neglect, it was restored in 1890. The castle is typical Medieval building rising on Tenda Mount, dominating the plain below. It consists of a doorman and three courtyards of different sizes. The first yard, in fact the last one in order of construction, is work by Republic of Venice in the fifteenth century; from this one passes to the second courtyard, the oldest and largest, called "Madonna" for a fresco depicting Virgin who protects the kings of the faithful (1321); the third and last yard, the smallest and the tallest, is reached through a wooden ladder, beyond which you can admire a fresco of 1340 depicting a scaligero soldier.

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