Luogo - Museum

Museo civico Geopaleontologico

Where PIAZZALE SAN BENEDETTO, 1, San Bonifacio (Verona)

The Museum was born from the donation served to the Municipality of San Bonifacio in the 1984 of the collection of geopaleontological finds of Don Giuseppe Dalla Tomba, Abbot in Villanova of San Bonifacio from 1939 up to 1980, with the tie to offer them, a suitable museum exposure. The geopaleontologic material has initially been exposed near Palazzo della Cultura in via Marconi and inaugurated in October of the 1994. Subsequently, October 4th 2003, it has moved to the actual center.
The scientific project has been elaborated by the geologist Enrico Castellaccio. The materials of the Museum are exposed in 21 showcases inside two rooms. The Museum illustrates the geologic aspects of the territory of San Bonifacio and, through a rich collection of fossils coming from many different areas, it represents all the geological Eras in a trip in the time that allows us to understand the most important transformations of the forms of life happened on the Earth. 

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