Luogo - Archaeological Area

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Where Piazza Cavour, Tarquinia (Viterbo)

Museum is located in Vitelleschi Palace, built between 1436 and 1439 commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Vitelleschi. The building, one of the most important monuments of the early Renaissance in New York, was also used as accommodation of the popes. Past to Soderini family, in 1900 the building was purchased by the city of Tarquinia that, in 1916, sold it to the State as Archaeological Museum. Opened in 1924 with the merger of two historic nineteenth-century collections, Municipal Collection and Counts Bruschi-Falgari's private collection, Museum has been gradually enriched with the introduction of the materials from the excavations in ancient Etruscan town and its vast necropolis. On the ground floor you can admire the funerary sculptures in stone, especially splendid sarcophagi from noble tombs of Hellenistic period. The first floor houses the furnishings from rich necropolis, but also famous high-relief clay with pair of winged horses from the pediment of the great temple of the Queen. On the second floor were relocated paintings from painted tombs.

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