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Museo archeologico-naturalistico "Adolfo Klitsche de la Grange"

Where Piazza della Repubblica, 29, Allumiere (Roma)
The “Adolfo Klitsche de La Grange” Museum is located in the Reverenda Camera Apostolica Palace, built around 1580, at the behest of Pope Gregory XIII, to host the administration offices and personnel of the alum quarries and the Papal Court (Pontifical Household) visiting the extractive activities. The current itinerary shows the geo-environmental transformations and populating of the Tolfa Mountains area from prehistory up to modern age, through a rich archaeological, paleontological, faunal, floral, and mineralogical documentation. Moreover, every year the museum renovates its appointment with the educational workshops, proposing the project “Un museo tutto da scoprire” (A museum to discover), a training course that offers to schools and students the possibility of experiencing the museum structure in all its aspects, and especially to know and learn more about the most fascinating characteristics of archaeology and nature.
Museo archeologico-naturalistico "Adolfo Klit c
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